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American Heritage Background

American Heritage was established in 1979. Over our history we have offered original nautical decor, antique reproductions, furniture, and carousel figures. Our present selection includes coin-op, automobilia,trade stimilators, candy machine, soda fountain, and 50's memorabilia. It has always been our goal to offer "Quality and Unique Investments for a Reasonable Value." Our strength is in the team of artisans that work with us, each an expert in their own area of antiques. We learned though experience that no one individual can master all skills and a team effort is unbeatable. Quality is always the most important criteria, especially in investing in a lifetime treasure.

American Heritage has recently relocated to our expanded gallery at 15020 South Main Street, Gardena, Ca. 90248. It offer ample free parking for your convenience. Most of are items are one of a kind representing  a return to pleasant memories of the past. The unique advantage of our museum quality collection is that you can actually invest in the past and bring it home.

Our clientele is World Wide and always returning to add to their personal collection. We take pride in offering a "One Stop Shopping" for your game room or decoration of your retail store. Some of our services include:

  • Personal Decorating Services
  • Restoration Services
  • Customizing Antiques for a Unique Theme
  • Liquidation of Estates
  • Personal Buying Services

Investing in American Heritage antiques will make your "Fantasies become a Reality" by bringing back past memories. Though often not as important, our antiques of investments of the past that will do nothing but appreciate in value. We welcome you to visit us and become part of our family and to share in our collection.


We ship within 24 hours of receipt of your order and do not back order. We normally ship by UPS in which there is a typical $12.00 freight minimum to a private residence. There is an approximate $3.00 savings from UPS shipping to a valid business address vice a private residence. We only charge the actual UPS freight fees, which the price quoted at check out is only an approximation due to daily fuel surcharges shipping costs are changing daily. On orders for metal signs in quantity of fifteen or more (excluding bargain or oversized signs) they will be shipped Free freight ground service within the Continental USA. If a alternate service is requested you will be charge the difference from ground service and the service requested. If an incorrect address is provided that requires correction by UPS there will be a $15.00 address correction fee as charged by UPS. If an address is provided that requires delivery via USPS American Heritage will not be responsible upon delivery of the request by USPS. American Heritage will assist in claims though it is agreed by the terms of this agreement that American Heritage will not be held finically responsible for delay of delivery or lost of the shipment. Any claims to be filed to USPS is the responsibility of the receiver. For small orders shipped International (excluding Canada) we ship via USPS Priority Air Priority. Requests over 250 pounds we ship via DB Schenker or MainFreight. We do have a three sign shipping minimum. Due to past experience a 100% potential of damage does occur in shipment less than the minimum. Under the preceding circumstance we can not ship one sign for correction or shortage. If there is a challenge, upon confirmation, a credit will be provided vice reshipping. If there are any discrepancies with your request in receipt of shipment, please contact us at info@americanheritage.us specifying your order number and the details of the challenge. We will respond by return email within the same day. Challenges on deliveries, damage, and shortages can not be resolved by telephone inquires. Upon report of your details we can more effectively investigate the details and provide an accurate response. In the unlikely situation that a claim is made with Merchant Services over a transaction and if the claim is proven invalid, I understand I will be held financially responsible for the fees accessed by Merchant Service and processing fees which is typically $25.00 which will be charges to my account. If not resolved I will be responsible for any and all exspenses associated with additional collection costs including attorney fees. We attempt to ship the most economical method possible and if you have a specific carrier please provide this information under Special Instructions. The freight cost noted are approximations and could vary. To better confirm more accurately please refer to www.ups.com considering each metal sign weighs one pound each for orders within the continental US and Canada. For all other locations please refer to www.usps.com . American Heritage can not control freight costs and upon agreement of this contract the purchaser agrees to pay any and all freight expenses. If there are any questions concerning the preceding please email American Heritage in advance at www.americanheritage.us All sales are final and returns will not be authorized. If there are any questions please contact us at info@americanheritage.us prior to your investment so we can clarify any challenges in advance. When shipping your investments, they are in perfect condition at the time it leaves our facility. Upon acceptance of this agreement it is agreed American Heritage will not be held responsible for any damages . We will assist you, but at the time of delivery it is your responsibility at the time the item is received to inspect the item. Upon signing for a delivery any damages should be noted on the Bill of Lading. If there is a discrepancy, please keep the original packing materials for inspection and immediately notify the shipper and follow their claim procedures. If there is a damage from United Parcel Service (UPS) please contact their customer service at 1-800-742-5877. Please email providing us your customer order number and the details of the damage. If any additional charges are occurred due to the purchasers actions or fault (chargeback or collection fees) the purchaser agrees to pay any and all monies that can be charged to the credit card provided. The preceding terms and conditions are agreed to in full with no exceptions for this transaction. Email: info@americanheritage.us .


Due to the volume of items offered and the daily changes of inventory, a catalog is not practical for our bussiness. A catalog would literally be out-dated prior to shipping. Our web site enables us to offer our antiques World-Wide at a more competive values. We do up-date our web site daily and encourage you to bookmark our web site to note the new inventories.

Tin Signs ( Volume Discounts)

We offer volume discounts as noted:

Orders for 15 metal signs are offered at free freight.
Orders for 30 metal signs are offered at free freight plus an additional 10% off
Orders for 60 metal signs are offered at free freight plus an additional 15% off
Orders for over 120 metal signs are offered at free freight plus an additional 20% off
Free Freight program only applies to the 48 contiguous states (does not include Alaska or Hawaii). A 5% additional discount will be offered in lieu of the Free Freight.

Additional discounts are available on purchase of 25 signs of the same image. Please call 714-289-2241 for a price qoute. Please specify the signs you are interested in.

Tin Signs ( Custom )

We can custom make a sign of your choice with a minimum produdtion of 5000 signs with a $1500. set up fee. Upon approval of the art work, anticipated delivery is ninety days. Metal signs with an enamel finish are available in a custom finish with a minimum production of fifty signs. The set up fee is $500. per color not including the background color. Price qoutes will be provided upon your submission of your art work

Appraisal Services

If you request free information, the value of the information is worth what you paid for it. Undoubtedly, appraisals are like opinions, with each individual you ask, each will offer a different value. When I first started I invested in a large Disney Collection for a lump sum value of $25,000. I invested in every book related to Disney Collectibles, I interviewed everyone who indicated knowledge of Disney Collectibles, went to Disneannia Collector Shows, reviewed auction results, etc. The only thing I found consistent in my extensive research was that there was no consistency A particular Disney Magic Kingdom Key was valued from $50 to $500. In all honesty, the true answer to most individuals who request to know the value of their possession is: " An item is worth what one individual is willing to sell it for an another individual is willing to pay for it at a particular moment." I fully understand that the preceding does not satisfy most individuals but the truth is not what most individuals want to hear. In our retail store the majority of the individuals enter our store for free entertainment or to gather free information to what their item is valued at. Value of an item is based on basic economics: "Supply and Demand" When there is a limited supply and a tremendous demand the value of the item is at its peak. An example is a frantic parent attempting to buy their child the last Woodie Toy Story figure the day before Christmas. The opposite is true when there is unlimited supply and no demand the value of the item is at its lowest. An example is the sale the day after Christmas on Christmas decorations.

Another major factor of the value of an item is condition. As a child if you ever invested in coins, the text would specify a significant difference between a coin in an brilliant uncirculated condition and a coin that is badly worn. In dealing with antiques the subjective feelings of one individual examining an item can greatly differ with another. Experience is a major factor in appraising condition. It is really challenging for an individual to evaluate an item when they have never seen the item in their life.

At American Heritage we are attempting to honestly assist you by utilizing our extensive staff of individuals who are working with the items in question on a daily basis. We limit our appraisals to items we offer. In the present economy, that is changing rapidly and the introduction of the computer internet, current experience is critical. Appraisal texts, that we have reviewed, often reflect the view of an individual, that by the time it is published the information is outdated. If you desire accurate and a present appraisal, please submit $25 with detail photos so we can accurately assist you. We are looking forward in assisting you.

The Staff of American Heritage


Purchasing American Heritage is always investing in additional inventory related to coin op, automotive, and soda collectibles. If you have an item you desire to sell, please quote a value you request and provide detail photos so we can determine the condition of the item. Please note, the value we pay you on an item is only a small percentage of our final retail. Additional costs include shipping the item to our warehouse, restoration, showroom expenses, warrantee to the final consumer, credit card fees, and discounts. The better the value you can offer on the item the more likely we will purchase your item.

If your objective is to obtain maximum dollar value for you item, then I suggest you sell your item directly to the retail public. Unfortunately the preceding is often very time consuming and challenging dealing with bargain hunters. If you value your time or have experienced the preceding, then please allow us an opportunity in purchasing your past treasures.

When describing your item, please inform us of any missing parts or imperfections that might be present. Condition is an important criteria. Thank you for considering American Heritage.



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